Fantastic Worlds
Eric Hubbes
Art in Cologne - Ehrenfeld
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Emerging from my subconscious my work contains expressionist, psychedelic elements and fractal patterns representing Fantastic Worlds.

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Why Fantastic Worlds

Letting my subconscious run free my images manifest themselves in forms and fractals, which derive from a storm like thought process and always refer to my interest in natural science.

Eric Hubbes Fantastic Worlds The Scholar

Bringing out what's hidden from the imagination

My fascination with psychology and the influence of the subconscious on our actions makes me like to think that I am a part of the universe and that it sends me messages I have to process in my paintings of fantastic worlds.

I have not given my paintings the name “Grübel Bilder” – brooding while painting – for no reason. I strive to turn my perpetual self-doubts into something life-affirming and make art out of it. For me, art is something spiritual. I have always had a fascination with symbols, magic, creepiness and mysticism. Taking the risk that my work can be terrifying at times, I paint what captivates me.

Eric Hubbes Fantastic Worlds

Eyes have something beautiful and aesthetic.

But also something sinister.

Death, often depicted by skulls, triggers mystical feelings at the end of our lives. This reminds me of a transition into an unknown world full of secrets. But it can also mean change and renewal

Eric Hubbes Fantastic Worlds

In my pictures I give shape and form to my imagination

The serpent stands for temptation, but also for knowledge. This arouses conflicting feelings within many people. Some feel enthusiasm, some fear and disgust. To me this symbolic creature is a source of inspiration.
Eric Hubbes Fantastic Worlds

A preliminary Conclusion

My paintings are aesthetic and inspiring to the viewer. My paintings are full of secrets, which stay unfold at first glance. The viewer always  discovers new details and impressions by looking at them again and again. My unique and experimental style is often described as a reminiscent of a diary. The viewer can spend hours looking at my pictures and always discover something.