Eric Hubbes

Contemporary Art

About My Art

I am a visual artist, live in Cologne and have my studio there. For my pictures I use a multimedia technique mostly made of acrylic, charcoal, felt pen and chalk. My paintings can be considered abstract, psychedelic and expressionist with a surreal expression.

My images arise in a storm of thoughts and emotions that manifest themselves in forms and fractals, which I combine into a composition. This happens like in a dream. In my pictures I let my subconscious run free. With the geometric and fractal patterns in my pictures, I also show my interest in natural sciences.

At the same time, I am also fascinated by psychology and the influence of the subconscious on our actions. I like to imagine when I paint that I communicate with the universe or that the universe sends me messages that I process in my pictures.

I have not given my paintings the name “Grübel Bilder” for nothing, because I transfer my self-doubts into something life-affirming and make art come out of it. For me, art is something spiritual, symbols have always fascinated me, as well as everything that has to do with magic, horror and mysticism. I paint what fascinates me.

Eyes have something beautiful and aesthetic.

Death is depicted in the skulls and triggers mystical feelings for me at the end of our lives and a transition into an unknown world full of secrets. It can also mean change.

“Art is a Safe Place to Start Difficult Conversations”

Mariam Ghani, Artist, NYC