Eric Hubbes

Contemporary Art

Eric Hubbes tries out new ways in his artistic self-discovery phase, in which he rearranges his emotions, feelings and thoughts through his so-called “Gruebel paintings”. Each such creation is the dance of forms, colors, vibrations and thoughts that manifest themselves in fractal and spiral movements. The complete detachment and freedom let the subconscious dominate above all. Like in a trance state, the painting emerges from itself. The inner boundaries within himself fall apart, and he often feels how distant fragments of a lost personality in the form of strange creatures seek a connection with him and possibly the viewer through his painting language. They often appear as emotional facial expressions, which were created accidentally through form compositions in his paintings. One discovers curious, screaming, laughing faces that are unintentionally revived in the abstract variety of forms. The exhibition “New Ways” opens new avenues to playfully discover, explore, and understand his subconscious.

The Three Faces of the Ami W.
Flying World
Per Aspera Ad Astra