Heutzutage kennt man von allem den Preis, aber nicht den Wert

- frei nach Oscar Wilde -

On my website you haven’t seen a price of a picture, intentionally. But the pictures are still for sale
– at least a few more –

How can an artist live if he does not sell his paintings, even if sometimes with a heavy heart? If you are interested in a picture, please do not be afraid to
 – contact me personally – 
or have a look at
-the price list- .
What is neglected on the Internet is direct contact with the artist, but also the effective impression of the work of art on site. The size and color of an image can only be conveyed to a limited extent on digital images, which is also a technical problem. Depending on the work of art, the haptics also play an important role. I am therefore happy to show you my pictures   on site here in Cologne   – as far as the circumstances – Corona – allow and they are not exhibited elsewhere.

And this also an idea:

With many motifs of my watercolors you can print insanely cool and above all authentic T-shirts, real eye-catchers, examples see above. You can purchase the originals for € 250 – in format A5 or € 320 in format A4- format. Then, of course, they are no longer available for T-shirts – original remains original. To do so please
 contact me directly .

and I will keep you up to date on my exhibitions, show you my latest pictures etc…

In addition – I grant every subscriber a discount of 10% when you buy one of my pictures and if you provide your postal address, I will send you a catalogue of my pictures by post.

“The artwork is an imaginary island that is energised by reality.”

José Ortega Y Gasset