Art Collectors of Abstract Acrylic Paintings:

Art collectors of abstract acrylic paintings, who like to own an original of my fantastic worlds, please be aware:

You haven’t seen a price of any of my acrylic or watercolor paintings,  intentionally.
But these paintings are for sale nevertheless – at least a few –

How can an artist live if he does not sell his paintings, even if sometimes with a heavy heart? If you are interested in a picture, please do not hesitate to
 – contact me personally – 

Visit me to look at my Fantastic Worlds before purchase:

What is neglected on the Internet is direct contact with the artist, but also the effective impression of the work of art on site. The size and color of an image can only be conveyed to a limited extent on digital images, which is also a technical problem. Depending on the work of art, the haptics also play an important role. I am therefore happy to show you my pictures  on site here in Cologne   – as far as the circumstances – Corona – allow and they are not exhibited elsewhere. Please make a call fot scheduling ameeting.

and I will keep you up to date on my exhibitions, show you my latest pictures etc…