How I Discovered Art

I was born on 20.02.1988 in London, United Kingdom.
My parents are German and French.
I spent my youth in Frankfurt and Cologne.
After graduating from high school, I first studied geophysics and mathematics for a few semesters,
but then I realized:

A life without art is like breathing without oxygen

A year in Scotland helped me:

But for my education I studied art in Holland:


Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis, Events have usually been postponed.

Video Circle Foundation for Arts:

My Major Project "Venice"

The European Cultural Center will host the “Personal Structures”  exhibition in 2022 – postponed from 2021 – and I am lucky enough  to be invited to participate. The exhibition takes place in Venice and runs parallel to the Biennale from May to September. which has also been postponed. However, participation requires considerable financial resources from me, which I cannot raise on my own without sponsors. Please take a look at my documentation, with which I want to win sponsors. Even small donations
are welcome because:  “Constant Dripping Wears Away the Stone”

Catalogues and Magazines with my Paintings