I call my works “brooding paintings”. They help us to see in a different light the doubts and ambiguities that often accompany us in life.
In our supposedly enlightened society, in which everything seems to be regulated, among other things, attempts are made to keep everything as simple as possible. Last but not least, there is a lot of mistrust and doubt, which makes the whole thing all the more complicated and confusing. Another reason is that most people know and want to understand a lot of things. Ultimately, it does not lead to any conclusion. The more you try to understand the truth, the more you start pondering.
And here lies the key to my art. I use the drive that the “brooding” in me causes to create images. That’s why I call my works “brooding pictures”. When working, I let go of all doubts and limitations and surrender to the course of my whims and thoughts.As in trance, I also incorporate spiral geometric shapes and fractal patterns into my paintings and create fantastic worlds that dissolve the negatively burdened side of pondering.
I try to relate the multitude of my thoughts to each other during painting. Just like the futile attempt to find answers to all questions and a result in order to regain inner peace and harmony, I use the excitement with aesthetics and composition to create a dreamlike world full of puzzles that makes the viewer think. 
The Chinese Horse
Very often he discovers something new that I did not consciously paint. As a result, my art has recognition value, because I can use my “brooding style” in many ways and experiment with it. The discovery of the “art of brooding” leads me to use it as a news-bringing medium. Above all, it should be entertaining and inspiring.
I want to give the viewer the feeling that hope and beauty do not necessarily always lie in the truth or in the knowledge, as well as the enlightenment of things, but in the mysticism and magic that trigger the hidden and mysterious in us. In the fantastic worlds that my pictures reflect, in the distance you have the hope that everything has a higher meaning. Not knowing Him should drive us to rediscover every day.

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