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The tulips and creatures in my kitchen

This picture is an experimental work. I started drawing many different shapes and structures on a canvas with a felt-tip pen.

Then I projected photo of tulip bouquets on the canvas…

Now, as if through a metamorphosis, all the fantastic beings around it came into being…

Mood Watercolour Paintings


In my watercolor paintings I spontaneously express my mood. On site and on the road, the impressions can be captured spontaneously – whether it is my surroundings in Ehrenfeld or during the holidays in Provence.

Impressions under Coffee Enjoyment

No breakfast without coffee.

But coffee is also very welcome when painting.

With a cup of coffee you can sink deep into thought.

My Portraits

When painting faces, it’s the eyes that fascinate me the most.

There is something fascinating and aesthetic about eyes. Eyes therefore often appear in my paintings.

I have put together a collection of my portraits.

Global warming

With the series of turtles, I wanted to express my concern about the threat of global warming. These paintings are exhibited at Singulart.

I have been a member of this international artist community for about a year now, one of the global on-line platforms where freelance artists offer their works.

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Summer Exhibition 15 June - 11 September 2023 Eric Hubbes

Eric Hubbes Fantastic Worlds
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  Summer Works 2023
Painting, Sculpture, Photography  


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