Eric Hubbes
Curriculum Vitae

Eric Hubbes Fantastische Welten

My path to art.

Some thoughts about my art.

Excerpts from my previous exhibitions.

I was born on February 20, 1988 in London / Westminster as the son of my German father Dr. rer. nat. Harald Hubbes and his French wife, Mireille. In 1991 we moved to Germany, and I spent my youth in Frankfurt and Cologne, where I graduated from the bilingual Gymnasium Kreuzgasse in 2008. During my school years I also spent a year at Glenalmond College in Scotland. This stay contributed significantly to my later decision to pursue a career as an artist. Before I finally decided to study art, I studied geophysics in Münster and mathematics in Cologne for a few semesters. When I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht in 2013, I finally decided on art. I studied at HKU until May 2015 and then decided to develop my personal style independently. Today I live in Cologne and have my studio there.

Thoughts About my Art

I paint in acrylic, oil and watercolor using multimedia elements. My pictures are an expression of my subconscious and I therefore I like to call them “brooding pictures”.

My pictures contain a lot of information that is related to each other. This means that the viewer can always discover something new.

But it does not lead to a conclusion. 

Just as brooding may be difficult,  so are the conflicts of our time. But in the fantastic worlds that my paintings reflect, one can have the distant hope that everything has a higher meaning. But not knowing the meaning is the mystical that I want to reflect in my work, because that is what drives us to live on and to want to rediscover every day.

I want to open a door to art as a narrative medium in order to take a more critical look at society and the role of the individual within its structures.

It should lead to a more liberal and tolerant state of being, without judging. 

My pictures are immediately recognizable by their special style, and I am also in constant development in terms of motifs and technique.


– 2020 Scholarship of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for my exhibition in Venice “Personal Structures”

– 2021 Scholarship of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for my exhibitions in Bad Mergentheim, LDXartodrom, “The Artist and His Work”, “Art Pearls from the Studios” and the Lucca Art Fair, Italy


– 2021, 2nd Price Artavita , New York, 48th Artavita online competition with works published in the 8th edition of the World-Wide-Art Magazine and on the Back Cover.

– 2020, Finalist Certificate Circle of Arts, Dezember, “Art Ideal” Magazine Competition

– 2020, Finalist Circle of Arts, Juni Magazine Edition 5

– 2020, Artya Preise Art Tour International

– 2020, 3rd Price of Visitors, Art & Design, January Exhibition Art-Show Paris IV

Solo Exhibitions:

– 2023, Civic Center „Büze“- Ehrenfeld , January – February, Venloer Str. 429, 50825 Cologne

– 2019, KUNSTRAUB99, New Paths, Aachener Str. 1002, 50858 Cologne

– 2018, University Hospital, October – January 2019, Cologne

– 2017, KUNSTRAUB99, Course of the Soul, Aachener Str. 1002, 50858 Cologne

Group Exhibitions -Excerpt - :

– 2023, 15 years Kunstraub99, group exhibition November 10, 2023 – January 09, 2024, Aachener Straße 1002, 50858 Cologne

– 2023, LDXArtodrom Winter Exhibition in Bad Mergentheim, 1 – 22 December, 97980 Bad Mergentheim, Münzgasse 3

– 2023, Gallery  KUNSTRAUB99, Group Exhibition Summer Works , Painting, Sculptures, Photography, June – September, Aachener Straße 1002, 50858 Cologne

– 2023, The Stage Gallery, Summer Special Show, July – August, Thomas-Mann-Str. 41, 53111 Bonn

– 2023, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Summer time of ripening, July 1-29, Mühlwehrstrasse 7 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2023, 1000 Freund Gallery, Art Festival, 26.-28. May, Venloer Str. 474, 50825 Cologne

– 2022, Gallery KUNSTRAUB99 Winter works , group exhibition, November – February 2023, Aachener Str 1002, 50858 Cologne

– 2022, Gallery LDXartodrome,   Beautiful, interesting, humorous ,  October – November , Mühlwehrstraße 7, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2022, Gallery LDXartodrome,  The artist and his work , August – October, Mühlwehrstraße 7, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2022, Gallery LDXartodrome ,  Art pearls from the studios  July – August, Mühlwehrstraße 7, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2022, Gallery Kunstraub99,  Summer Exhibition, June – August, Aachener Str. 1002, 80858 Cologne

– 2022, ECC European Cultural Center  “ Personal Structures ” , April – November, Venice/Italy

– 2022, Gallery LDXArtodrome,  Lucca Art Fair  , May,  Lucca, Italien

– 2022,  Gallery Arte Borgo , April, Rome, Italy

– 2022, Gallery LDXArtodrome December, Mühlwehrstraße 7, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2021, National Art Days , November, Gorinchem, Netherlands

 -2021, Gallery LDXArtodrome, Gallery Opening, Mühlwehrstraße 7, 97980 Bad Mergentheim

– 2020, Gallery LDXartodrome, Perugia, Italy

– 2020, Gallery LDXArtodrome, Malta

– 2021, Gallery Marziart International, July – August, Hamburg

With MeCenavie, 13 Rue du Colonel Raynal, 93100 Montreuil, France:

– 2021, 2019, 2018  Art Shopping Carroussel du Louvre, Paris, France

– 2021, 2019 Salon Spectrum Miami, Miami, USA

– 2021, Gallery Itsliquid, “Futures Landscapes”, Borders Art Fair, Venice, Italy

– 2020, Gallery Itsliquid, „Extended Bodies“, London, United Kingdom

– 2019, Art Expo New York, New York

– 2019, Salon Art3F Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

– 2019, III Biennale di Arte Della Versilia – Artexpertise – Stiava LU, Italy

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”

Henry Moore