Collection of Portraits

Eric Hubbes Fantastische Welten
Let me paint you!

So I see myself, or as I would like to see myself, facing a happy, fantastic future.

My portraits are all painted in a different style. If you want me to paint you, I’ll paint you the way you like it:

Realistic, or transported to a fantastic world with a mystical background…

The engineer, not at his desk but in front of his apparatus – painted to order

Emine, a friend of our family.

This is the girl from Afghanistan photographed by Steve McCurry. I was fascinated by the eyes, and I had to reinterpret it for myself.

Anastasia.  I couldn’t paint them without my personal attributes, for example, turtles.

Higher Consciousness, Anastasia somewhat enchanted, transferred to a virtual world.

Anastasia, just as she really is. Nevertheless, a few elements of reflection can also be found here in the background.

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